Computer Repair

Computer repair…

If your machine is blue screening (BSOD), making noises louder than usual or just simply will not turn on, touch the Call Now button at the bottom of your mobile device…

  • 904-520-0811
To me computer repair is a sub-catagory of service. It connotes that there is something phisically wrong with the machine. If it blue screens right after you load a new program or app then that could be the cause, but in most cases a piece of hardware has gone bad. If you are fearless, I have included a short homemade video to show the most common and obvious components of motherboard hardware failure resulting in BSOD.Computer repair is someone simply replacing a defective hard drive and driving away. Does your computer work? NO… unless you know how to restore your backup, ummm… you do make backups of your hard drive regularly don’t you?!?

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